About LifePlus

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As a company of world-class educators, we grow servant leaders of outstanding character, competence and calling.

Our background

It’s 1980 and two visionaries, Chan Kei Thong and John Cragin, meet in China. The country, emerging from sociopolitical turmoil, is now entering an era of change with its Open Door policy. An age of economic recovery. A time of great opportunity.

First in Beijing and Shenzhen, later in Changsha, Tianjin and Qingdao, Cragin and Thong launch leadership training programs. In China’s time of “reform and opening up” their skills are invaluable. And their passion for guiding others to learn, love and lead is captivating. Something special has just begun. Leadership Development International, LDi, is born.

As LDi evolved, a fresh opportunity revealed itself. What if we create a school, here in China, for children of those who share our vision? A place to pass on the gift of learning to future generations. In September 1986, by invitation of the local government, Tianjin School taught its first class. And International Schools Consortium, iSC—soon to become a district of seven international schools in China and UAE—emerged.

In 2022, 40 years since we began nurturing and inspiring the servant leaders of tomorrow, LDi and iSC became one. Today, LifePlus is both our leadership programs and our schools. Our online academy and our educational pop-ups. LifePlus is our single organization, everywhere. A local brand with a global outlook and international reach.

LifePlus is worldwide learning for all.

What we do

To inspire learners
We teach

We help students, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, develop a strong sense of identity rooted in character and conviction in what really matters—a sense of vision for their lives, including how they are going to make their mark.

To empower schools
We consult

We consult in the strategic planning, design and implementation of Pre K-12 academic courses, curriculums, educational systems and processes around the world. We also advise in the field of higher education, with a particular focus on vocation and leadership development.

To cause breakthrough
We coach

Our accredited coaches walk alongside individuals in the field of education, facilitating breakthroughs in both performance and wellbeing. Our workshops equip educators to use coaching skills to develop co-workers in their day-to-day vocational context.

To grow servant leaders
We train

Through classes and courses, we help form effective servant leaders. People who go on to grow strong teams, achieve greater success, and become best equipped to make a difference in situations that excite or concern them most.

Our promise

We are LifePlus, a company of world-class educators. We inspire learners of all ages to go and make a life-changing difference for the common good. As a global community, we are deeply committed to the people and cultures we serve as we deliver holistic educational services that grow servant leaders of outstanding character, competence and calling—for generations to come.

A brief history


Starting life as MTI
Management Technologies International (MTI) is formed in 1983, with a training center in Changsha, China. Three years later, it provides education for 32 children in Tianjin as one of the first international schools in the country.


A family of schools
International Schools of China (iSC)—later renamed International Schools Consortium—is formed in 1995 as more schools join the family. Leadership Development International (LDi) soon follows to help deliver complementary leadership training.


Serving China and beyond
MTI and LDi merge in 2004, and open a new corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia USA. In 2010, LDi sends a team to the United Arab Emirates to explore new opportunities in the MENA region. As a result, The WellSpring School opens in the UAE.


LifePlus Worldwide Learning
LDi and iSC grew organically over the years. But with that growth came complexity. So, in 2022, we became LifePlus. LifePlus takes us back to our core belief that lives are transformed through the power and gift of learning.

Global staff
Global students
Years of experience
International schools
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Recognized for excellence

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All our schools are accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.