have become LifePlus. Our unified name, worldwide.

Recruitment + Mobilization team

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We’re here to help you match your interests and skills with an exciting new adventure ahead in one of our LifePlus schools.

With you from the start

We‘re always on the look-out for enthusiastic and qualified educators to join our family of LifePlus schools. Our applicant liaisons do everything they can to match your vocational experience, calling and passion with our opportunities. They’ll personally support you throughout the process: from your expression of interest, to the moment you board a flight to your destination and the adventure that awaits. Browse our open vacancies

Who we are

Rachel Scroggins

Director of Mobilization
Dr Phil Bassett

University Recruiter
Jennifer Bowden

Applicant Liaison
Joshua Cole

Digital Recruiter
Justin Flint

Organizational Engagement Recruiter
Chad Heimer

Events + Home Team Recruiter
Glenna King

Accounts Payable
Susan Phillips

Applicant Liaison + Partnership Development
Brittany West

Lead Applicant Liaison
Tim Wong

Lead Recruiter